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Popular Snacks
Here are some popular snack ideas you may want to send in to class or try at home:

Aquarium Snack Mix:
In large glass bowl, preferably a fish bowl, combine goldfish crackers, crunchy Chinese noodles (seaweed), raisins (rocks), pretzel sticks (driftwood). Serve with a ladle or by the handful. 

Sensational Salsa Dip: 
This is a great way to sneak vegetables in at snack time. Combine 2 parts mild salsa with 1 part sour cream. Stir well, and pour into small plastic cups for individual servings. Serve with chips, pita triangles, pretzels or veggie sticks. Even veggie-phobics love this dip.
Fun Fruit Kabobs: 
Using a straight, non-bendy straw, skewer fruit chunks, such as thick banana slices, melon cubes, strawberries or half-slices of crisp apples. Sprinkle lightly with orange or lemon juice to prevent discoloration. This is a great way to quickly distribute fruit at snack time, and kids like eating food on a stick!

Recipe for Gak
Your child may already be familiar with gak from class. This is a wonderful sensory material you can mix up at home. Try cutting it with a plastic knife or cookie cutters, or fitting it into containers of different sizes.

Combine 2 cups glue, 1-1/2 cups tap water, and food coloring in a bowl. In a larger bowl dissolve 2 teaspoons borax (e.g. 20 Mule-Team Borax Soap) in 1 cup hot water. Slowly add glue mixture to soap mixture. Mixture will quickly coagulate and will be a little difficult to mix. After mixing well and removing all pockets of glue, pour off excess water. Let stand for a few minutes and then turn out onto a tray. Allow to dry for 10 minutes and it is ready to use.

Parenting Reading List

Check out this fantastic reading list from Rula Garside, Ph.D, and Allison Nordlinger, MSW, full of suggestions for parents looking not only to survive parenting, but also to enjoy it!

Parenting Reading List

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